This year, I’ve found myself recommending spring photography sessions in Bishop’s Garden at the National Cathedral to several clients. In some cases, the clients were already familiar with this spot. Michelle, for example, was happy to schedule her March bridal session there since David proposed to her at the National Cathedral.

For other clients, Bishop’s Garden doesn’t hold any particular emotional resonance but is a beautiful, convenient location open twenty-four hours a day. Many locations in Washington, D.C. either require a permit or don’t offer convenient parking or metro accessibility. Luckily, Bishop’s Garden

I love Bishop’s Garden because it offers four distinct-looking “locations” in one. The beautiful stone walls of the cathedral offer both a neutral backdrop or European vibe, depending on where we set the client.

Within the garden, there’s a lovely, traditional garden that’s especially lovely and in bloom in April and May. Benches are scattered around the garden, which also has bricked paths leading throughout.

Next to the garden is a wooded area complete with gorgeous stone arches; I love using arches to frame my subjects. Speaking of arches, there’s a little gazebo with arched windows and a view of the garden.

Last, there’s a large, open grassy area surrounded by a stone wall. In the afternoon, people often picnic on the grass but in the morning it’s usually relatively empty and perfect for clients who want a green, natural-looking location.

If you’re in search of a beautiful, versatile photography location, check out this gallery below; it shows an engagement session,maternity session and anniversary session. I look forward to adding more images this spring!

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