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Instagram tips and tools

Bridesmaids show off their flowers during an Old Town Alexandria wedding.

My favorite thing about running a small business is hanging out on Instagram, my favorite of the social media channels. My feed brings me gorgeous wedding photography, posts from travel bloggers and cute puppy pics. You know what’s even better about this little corner of cheer amidst the strange place that is the internet? Instagram is […]

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A photographer in Washington DC explains golden hour

A couple poses in front of the Washington Monument

As a photographer in Washington DC, I like to schedule my engagement and portrait sessions for the early morning. And by early, I mean early: sunrise. In the warmer months we aim for a 6:15 a.m. or earlier start time. I am actually not a morning person and don’t schedule these early weekend wakeups for […]


Becoming a professional photographer

One year ago today I became a professional photographer! That’s not actually the best description of what happened. It wasn’t that simple; nothing is ever that simple. One year ago I registered as an LLC with Virginia because I was making a bit of money from photography and thought I should act like an adult […]