An Icelandic Engagement

As I build my photography business, I still have a day job. While at this day job, I heard my coworker Kristen say she was planning to propose on an upcoming trip to Iceland. An Icelandic engagement? How romantic. Kristen knows I love Iceland (everyone knows I love Iceland) and I asked her if she […]


A photographer in Washington DC explains golden hour

A couple poses in front of the Washington Monument

As a photographer in Washington DC, I like to schedule my engagement and portrait sessions for the early morning. And by early, I mean early: sunrise. In the warmer months we aim for a 6:15 a.m. or earlier start time. I am actually not a morning person and don’t schedule these early weekend wakeups for […]


Becoming a professional photographer

One year ago today I became a professional photographer! That’s not actually the best description of what happened. It wasn’t that simple; nothing is ever that simple. One year ago I registered as an LLC with Virginia because I was making a bit of money from photography and thought I should act like an adult […]