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I was recently totally stumped trying to brainstorm clever ideas for newborn session props for a baby boy. Baby girls sessions are so easy: headbands, bows, flowers, tutus, pearls … the list of cute, relatively inexpensive props is endless! But baby boys? I couldn’t think of a single thing until I realized the session was scheduled for Superbowl Sunday. And I had an unused, tags-still-on plush football I had originally purchased for a pet session … perfect! Easy, cute and totally Instagrammable.

Here are some other easy and CHEAP ideas for newborn sessions. Trust me on incorporating props. While they might seem cheesy, once Baby is calm and comfortable, you’ll want to get as many different photos as you can without disturbing Baby. Adding in a blanket, blocks, toys or stuffed animals is the easiest way to get varied photos. Props also let the parents’ stories and personalities shine through. Ask parents if they received any gifts they would like to include in the session; photos are a great way for parents to show appreciation for baby gifts they’ve received.

I already kind of gave this one away, but if Baby’s parents are sports fans, wrap Baby in a jersey, tuck Baby under a hat or into a baseball mitt, or wrap a little arm around a football.

A newborn baby boy holds a football during his photo session on Superbowl Sunday 2018.
A newborn baby boy holds a football during his photo session on Superbowl Sunday 2018.

Newborn session props: holiday edition!

December births are the best for this! Instead of a basket, wrap up a box, toss in a pillow and neutral blanket … and voila, Baby is a present! If the parents celebrate Christmas, really lean in to the theme. Your average size stocking is the perfect baby size. Put Baby in a stocking and have the parents hold him or her near the fireplace. Santa hats usually cost about $3 and also work really well for this. Even if Baby isn’t born in December, the parents will likely want to use photos from the session in their holiday cards. So even if it’s July, ask if they’d like a couple Christmas themed shots for their cards!

Blocks. You can buy inexpensive soft blocks on Amazon. I use gender neutral age blocks, but alphabet blocks let you write out Baby’s name. Then the parents have the perfect picture for birth announcements!

Stuffed animals. And, bonus! This is not something you need to buy! I always ask the parents to have a couple stuffed animals on hand. Most of us keep our teddy bears for a long time, so including them in photos is a great way to show how Baby has grown year to year.

What are some of your favorite props to use in newborn sessions? Tag me in them … I’d love to see!

Here are links to some really great onesies and other props that I use or parents have provided (usually gifts they’ve received from friends and family:

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