This US Capitol portrait session shows how spoiled we are here in Washington, D.C. We have some epic truly epic locations from which to choose when we want to take photos.

Shalawn is graduating with her Ph.D. in public policy. Such an awesome accomplishment deserves to be celebrated! She did so with a photo session at the Capitol. As with most photo sessions in Washington, DC, I recommended a sunrise start time so we could avoid the largest crowds. Plus, August in DC is hot and humid, and that doesn’t make for a pleasant photo session experience. Our early start time let us beat (most of) the heat!

I provide a style guide to all of my clients to help them prepare for their sessions. In addition to discussing the best colors and cuts of clothing to wear, I recommend in the guide getting your hair and makeup professionally done, if at all possible. Some people are really confident in their hair-and-makeup abilities. Others, like me, are … not so much. Hiring a pro gets you a little pampering and tends to make people feel super confident going into their sessions. (And, yes, hair and makeup artists are used to the early-morning appointments!)

Christin of Conceptual Beauty did Shalawn’s hair and makeup for her US Capitol portrait session. The final effect was just stunning, and Christin came along with us to do touchups (again, the humidity … it does awful things to both hair and makeup).

Shalawn was thrilled with the final photographs, but it was a true team effort!

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