You’ve said “yes” and are getting married! Congrats! The most important decision has been made. Now let me explain why you should also “say yes” to an engagement session!

It’s Instagram’s world and we’re only living in it. Most Millenials are used to taking pictures of every happy hour, birthday and plane ride (those wing shots have totally taken over my feed). Our generation no doubt takes more pictures of ourselves than any that came before. And yet most of the pictures I see in my feed are sent through some app that auto-tunes your face or adds a weird cat-ear filter.

Why do people do this to their photos? I know that before I started studying the art of posing people, my favorite picture of me was somewhat out of focus and blurred my features. Why did I like that one? Probably because it more or less erased my nose, which I don’t love. Yes, I’m saying that I basically didn’t like my face and preferred it blurred out. I suspect all those folks adding cat ears or softening up their pictures until they look like Barbie are also somewhat uncomfortable with how they look. That’s normal. But I don’t have an ugly face (you don’t either!), I just didn’t know how I liked to be photographed.

I also suspect you do not want to add a cat filter to your wedding pictures. That means we’re going to have to learn how you like to be seen. How do we do that? We schedule an engagement session.

When I talk to clients about the engagement session, I refer to it as a “dress rehearsal” for the wedding. During an engagement session, we can practice posing ahead of time to see what looks great so the couples knows what to expect and the wedding day goes much smoother. I know “posing” sounds overly formal and forced, but it’s not! It’s just about figuring out how to flatter you. Do you have a side you prefer? Do you need to stand at an angle to minimize your hips (I do!). Are you two particularly adorable snuggled up together?

And when I say dress rehearsal, I mean all of it: hair, makeup, clothes. It’s great if you can schedule a hair and makeup trial prior to your engagement session. If that’s not feasible, just do your own makeup how you think want to wear it on your wedding day. Considering an up-do for the wedding? Do your own up-do for the engagement session.

You’ll learn so much just from seeing these photographs, trust me, I learned the hard way. I wear my hair down almost every day. So, I wore it down for my headshot sessions and HATED the results. It wasn’t the photographers’ faults (yes, plural, it took me awhile to figure this out), but I just didn’t like how I looked. For something different, I put my hair in a bun and BOOM, loved the pictures. You just don’t know what works until you try.

Of course, after an engagement session you’ll also have some great pictures for your wedding website and save-the-dates. But even if you want to keep things simple in terms of the stationery, I promise two hours of your time is worth the investment.

Planning a wedding? Get in touch and let’s talk about what a wedding experience is like with me!