I really do love photographing proposals, so much that I once flew to Iceland for one. But these special moments are even more special when one of the people about to get engaged is a friend.

Melanie and I have been friends since a study abroad in graduate school years ago, so I was thrilled when Donovan messaged me to ask when I’d be available to photograph a proposal. Then I had to keep the proposal a secret for THREE WHOLE WEEKS!

Melanie works at the Capitol, so Donovan thought a proposal there would be fitting. He also wanted the moment to be as much of a surprise and as private as possible, so we settled on a weekday evening in July.

You know what they say about the best laid plans, so of course thunderstorms were forecast for that evening. But Donovan had asked Melanie’s parents for their blessing the weekend prior, and had made dinner reservations, so we went on ahead with our plan. Honestly, I think rain can add romance to a moment; friends have actually commented on “what a guy” Donovan was to take a knee in the rain.

Plus, I think it’s super romantic that they both dropped their umbrellas; like, “oh! this is happening, who cares if it’s raining?”

Here’s the other thing about rain: rainbows! Yes, just after Melanie said yes to Donovan’s proposal, a rainbow appeared over the Capitol. Seemed like Mother Nature approved of Melanie’s choice!

I’m so excited for this wedding, and can’t wait to be part of their big day! Be prepared to see more of this adorable couple on the blog ❤️

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