We all have our family traditions, and photography is often a part of them. I’m delighted to be a part of the Herndon family’s Alexandria family photo session tradition!

Remember all those photos shared on social media a few years back where adult children re-created goofy photos from their childhoods? Those were some hilarious family photo traditions. We did some similar updates for the Herndon family. But I would call the results gorgeous, not goofy.

Pre-COVID, we captured their family of four. This summer, I met their two newest additions. We updated some of their favorite images to show off the family of six!

With kids, some of the best photos are often candids. If your photographer offers you a package with more images than you think you’ll want, it’s likely because they have experience getting those adorable candid moments IN ADDITION TO the pretty, posed holiday card snaps. Who wouldn’t want the images of their baby playing with her dollbaby?? I include between 10 to 35 images in my family session packages, depending on the length. Part of my workflow is sending clients all the photos I think they’d want to see; they get to choose which ones they wish to download.

What I love most about these sessions with the Herndon family? Some of the newer photos are reminiscent of the older ones; the best example is of the little girls running. We also updated individual photos of the children. Here’s same girl, still wearing an adorable bow in her hair, just a few years apart. Scroll to see what I mean:

Are you interested in an Alexandria family photo session? Get in touch and we’ll set up something! These folks are all-stars when it comes to styling themselves for their sessions. If you’re not sure how to go about coordinating your fam, don’t worry! I provide a style guide to help you prep. Pinterest is also an excellent resource.