Patrick and Ryan have moved, but they have some excellent mementos of their life on the East Coast; images from their Washington D.C. engagement session! We had to postpone their session a couple of days due to weather so we met literally hours before they (and their pups!) got on a plane.

But the end result is a totally Washington D.C. engagement session; you won’t get these backgrounds anywhere else! We devoted half the session to Patrick and Ryan but their pups got to pose for the second half. I fully support including dogs in sessions but they do tend to steal the show. It’s helpful if couples bring a friend to help with dog wrangling so we can devote some time to the couple alone. In this case, both doggies were very good girls and we successfully got some photos where all four subjects are looking at the camera! 

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Does including dogs in your engagement session sound … complicated? No worries! I actually have some tips for prepping your pup(s) and other pets in the style guide I provide to all clients. Pets are an important part of our lives; if it’s at all possible to include them in your session, I’ll make it happen. Seriously, I once did an engagement session that featured a parrot!

Interested in a Washington D.C. engagement session? Get in touch and we’ll set up something! If you aren’t sure about where you want to take your photos, I can make recommendations of spots that work really well!

For those curious about wardrobe and accessories for themselves and their pets, Pinterest is an excellent resource for photo session prep!