Melanie and Donovan were supposed to get married in March. We all know what happened in early 2020; their wedding at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Arlington was postponed. By May, Virginia allowed small gatherings, so Melanie and Donovan chose to move ahead with a ceremony on May 8. Yours truly counted toward their 10 allotted guests.

This is what a COVID wedding looks like: the bride’s “getting ready” photos are taken in a church bathroom, parents and one brother each allowed to attend in person, no traditional reception. But, in the end, they’re married!

Donovan’s twin brother (you aren’t seeing double; there really are two of them!) emailed me ahead of time to let me know friends and family had been invited for a very COVID phenomenon: gathering in their vehicles in the church parking lot for a socially distanced, in-vehicle celebration after the ceremony. I mentioned that signs would be a nice touch, and the guests more than delivered!

Melanie and Donovan plan to host a full reception celebration at some point (maybe July at this point?). Donovan joked that they would definitely be serving Corona (the beer!).

For now, while not what anyone imagines when planning their wedding, the outpouring of good wishes brought much joy during this difficult time. Scroll all the way down to see the parking lot festivities after the wedding at Our Lady of Lourdes:

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