Kara and JoJo are getting married next spring at one of my most favorite venues. We did their engagement session at the beginning of May, and it was a lovely spring Brookside Gardens engagement session. I’ve photographed at Brookside before, but it was rainy that day so nothing like the beautiful golden light we had this time! For my first engagement session of the year (thanks, COVID), we got into the swing of things pretty quickly.

Kara and JoJo followed my style guide perfectly, and coordinated their second outfit amazingly well (look at his purple slacks! Her flower dress!). Engagement sessions are an important opportunity for couples to get used to being in front of a camera, learn how to lean into the inherent awkwardness of canoodling in front of strangers, and figure out what poses work for them.

In Kara and JoJo’s case, pretty much everything works for them! Even their goofy photos made it into their real album; no outtakes here, everything turned out well. Take a look:

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