Remember when COVID-19 hit? You know, back in March when we still weren’t sure whether or not we should be wearing masks? Washington D.C. started to shut down just as cherry blossom season hit. The cherry blossoms are a big deal for Washington, D.C.-area photographers; I started booking cherry blossom engagement sessions nine months prior. Last summer, Sydney and Zach signed up for one of the cherry blossom slots and let me tell you, I LOVED Sydney’s energy, excitement and general enthusiasm for the whole engagement photo process.

So I dreaded making the call to tell her that cherry blossom sessions were cancelled. Actually, it wasn’t just one call. First it was a “wait and see” call, then a “we’ll try” call before finally the “nope, D.C. is shutting down” call.

Fast forward several strange months, and we were finally able to re-schedule their engagement session. Unfortunately, July in Washington is just not as beautiful as spring in Washington. We live in a swamp (it’s true!) and summer just isn’t the city’s best season. Humidity destroys any attempt at hair styling and sweat pours down faces; these are not ideal photo session conditions. Nevertheless, Sydney and Zach arrived looking like models and knocked it out of the park. Her long dress is from Lulus, and photographed so well I’ve recommended it to others. There isn’t a cherry blossom to be found, but I am so in love with this engagement session.

Following a sunrise session at the Lincoln Memorial, we headed into Old Town Alexandria for part two, including a wardrobe change.

Speaking of which: a word about wardrobe. I provide clients with a style guide to help them prep, and these two followed it to the letter! What you wear to a session is important. You should feel confident; that’s the first step to looking great! Sydney’s dress(es) are great inspiration, but if you need more, hop on over to this Pinterest board where I’ve shared some outfits that have worked well for clients.

Zach has proposed to Sydney outside the Basilica of Saint Mary there, so we took some photos there for sentimental reasons. We also popped some champagne and spend some time by the water. It’s why I love Old Town: there’s a little bit of everything.

It wasn’t the session we planned, and I’m sure it’s not what Sydney imagined. But 2020 keeps throwing challenges our way so I’ll take happiness where I can find it.

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