I wrote about Jean and Corey’s college romance  after their Johns Hopkins University engagement session. Because of their shared history in the area, they came back for a Baltimore wedding at Gray Rock Mansion.

Jean and Corey are the fun couple who met on the Johns Hopkins Tae Kwon Do team and incorporated Tae Kwon Do poses into their spring engagement session. Their wedding proved to be the festive, joyous, total party I would expect from these two.

I have seen sweet first dances, I have seen awkward first dances. Until Jean and Corey’s wedding, I’d not seen fully-choreographed exhibition-style first dance.  Jean is a trained dancer, so they did not slowly shuffle around the dance floor. She and Corey went full Dancing with the Stars at their reception. Between her full white gown twirling around and the lifts they incorporated, I was in photography heaven. Jean and Corey are a fun, joyful, beautiful couple and their dancing really reflected that (and I think the photographs do too!).

Grey Rock Mansion also has one of the larger dance floors I’ve seen at a wedding. It was perfect not just for their amazing first dance, but also the serious dance party that went on well into the night.

Corey is the first groom I’ve seen dip his bride for their first kiss, which made for one of my new favorite “first kiss” photographs. Weddings can be stressful, so it was beautiful to see a couple relax and just thoroughly enjoy each other, the moment and their guests.

Venue: Grey Rock Mansion 

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