I love when brides wear veils. That little bit of extra fabric just screams “bride!” and gives photographs soo many opportunities to make soft, romantic images that bride will cherish. Since it’s wedding planning season, I’m sharing my favorite veil images.

Veils in portraits

Bride and groom photographed during a wedding at Westfields Golf Club by Erin Julius of Imagery by Erin.

This is probably my favorite veil photograph, and to be honest, it has less to do with her veil and more to do with how Amy is looking at Kyle. Every bride should have an image like this this after her wedding day; she’s beautiful, glowing and looking completely in love. But the veil does amplify the romance in this photo by about 1000 percent 😍

Here are more beautiful portraits in which veils being some major 😍😍😍

Statement veils

Some brides go all-in and choose what I call “statement veils.” Usually longer than the dress’s train, these veils are totally gorgeous, especially if you can get them blowing in the wind!

Veils in candid shots

Veils are gorgeous for posed portraits, but they also do beautiful things in candid portraits. And in case you should think a veil is overly romantic an demure, I also have fun, joyful images featuring veils.

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